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Sheng Zhen

Meditation in Motion and Stillness

Sheng Zhen, pronounced Shung Jen, is a unique style of qigong and mindfulness practice centered around opening the heart and balancing one’s energy through movement and meditation. This practice relaxes and opens the body, allowing the blood and Qi (energy) to flow freely. During this relaxation, an exchange of Qi with the universe happens creating a feeling of oneness with the world around us. Through this exchange of Qi and deep relaxation, the practitioner can begin to feel life through an open heart, finding joy and happiness everywhere and in everything. Sheng Zhen is a journey back to one’s true home, into one’s own heart. A journey into the heart of existence, back to that ‘nothingness’ from which everything arises.

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Practice Sheng Zhen ~ Anytime, Anywhere.


Through joining classes regularly, you will learn different Sheng Zhen forms and movements which can be  practiced at anytime and in any space. My want is for you to have a deep understanding of Sheng Zhen and to utilize this practice in your daily life.


Relax the Body
Quiet the Mind
Open the Heart

“The flow of the in breath – The flow of the out breath

The circle is completed with the simplest of ease

The surrender that gives into the womb of nothingness

Becomes everything and nothing at all


There is only consciousness

A deep profound stillness

The seamless silence that is both empty and full”

– Excerpt from Awakening the Soul

8th Movement ‘Return to the Origin’

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